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  • FUENTE Strong hold hair spray for a firm and lasting hold. Fast drying hairspray that keeps hair firmly in shapeLong lasting holdNo flakingEasily combableUse on dry hair

  • FUENTE A refined body scrub that ensures smooth, well-tended skin. Luxury body scrub that gently removes dead skin cellsThe Rhassoul clay is rich in minerals that have a purifying and improving effect on the skinThe scrub granules made from apricot kernels provide a natural exfoliation of the skinCleanses the pores, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth

  • FUENTE An intensive nourishing hand cream that restores and balances the skin. Luxury hand cream for moisturising, softening and repairing handsAn intensive care that is rapidly absorbed by the skinThe Rhassoul clay improves the texture, elasticity and firmness of the skinEspecially suitable for dry, rough and sensitive skin

  • FUENTE A gentle cleanser with a refreshing fragrance. Mild hand soap based on Rhassoul clayEnsures intensive cleansing of handsAloe has a calming and restorative effect on the skinAfter washing, use the Rhassoul hand cream for optimal care of your hands

Showing 13 - 16 of 16 items