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  • FUENTE Menta Herbal Shampoo Herbal shampoo that soothes the scalp. Contains natural herbs including mint and chamomile Suitable for dandruff, and an unsettled, oily and irritated scalp The scalp restores and regains its natural balance Lets the hair fall smoothly and ensures a natural volume Strengthens the hair papillae

  • FUENTE Rhassoul Clay Leave-in Conditioner Lightweight cream conditioner that protects and cares for the hair. Leave-in conditioner with UV filterRhassoul clay and Shea Butter give the hair body and resilienceProtects the hair from environmental damageGives hair flexibility and make it easier to combCloses the cuticle layer and gives optimum shine

  • FUENTE Rhassoul Body Scrub A refined body scrub that ensures smooth, well-tended skin. Luxury body scrub that gently removes dead skin cellsThe Rhassoul clay is rich in minerals that have a purifying and improving effect on the skinThe scrub granules made from apricot kernels provide a natural exfoliation of the skinCleanses the pores, leaving the skin...

  • FUENTE A special shower sensation based on Rhassoul Clay. Has a purifying and detoxifying effect on the skinProvides delicate and moisturising skin cleansingEnriches skin with nourishing mineralsEspecially suitable for dry and sensitive skin

  • "The World's Most Luxurious Shampoo" TRUFFLE by FUENTE Shampoo Meteorite Powder White Truffle Diamond Dust

  • FUENTE Esencia Fragrance Candle & Diffuser DUO Special Offer of this Beautiful Fragrance Candle and Diffuser Duo!!! A wellness fragrance experience based on wood and the warm, sweet fragrance of Tonka beans Create a special atmosphere easily and quickly; everywhere in the house  The scent spreads in a subtle, natural way Enjoy more than 40 hours of...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items