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  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Jojoba Pure Oil - 100% pure Jojoba oil with a hint of essential orange oil. Formulated for extra dry hair or chemical treated hair. Great for professional use before color. It deeply penetrates and repairs without weight down your hair. Luxory treatment for hair, scalp and body.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Gel Too is a high performance gel recommended for hair styling with a strong hold for perfect results. The vegetable extracts from bamboo and wheat protein strengthen the hair and protect it from atmospheric agents. It is ideal for all hair types thanks to its alcohol free formula giving maximum protection from blow-drying and humidity and...

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Infusion Cream Leave-in Protection is an anti-static, leave-in treatment for hair. It adds shine and makes styling easier. It protects hair from heat damages and leaves it soft, full bodied without weigh it down.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Medium Hold Foam Mousse which gives body, volume, brightness and hold. Can be used on all hair types giving a soft hold to the hair setting giving it elasticity and shine. Proteinic hydrolysates and the extracts of Aloe and linseed oil give extra protection to the hair leaving them shinny, soft and velvety. 

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Natural Paste styling cream provides volume and hold and is ideal for all hair types, thanks to its delicate alcohol free formulation which nourished and protects from heat sources such as blow dryers and from humidity. It does not leave unpleasant residues and is easy to rinse off.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Natural Spray is a Bio Alcohol, Gas Free Natural, No Gas spray for a medium - strong hold and a durative setting.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Potion Cream Moisturizing cream ideal for styling curly hair without using chemical or toxic ingredients..

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Pepenero / Fixing paste Extraordinary formula for perfect styling of short or long hair without weighing down and drying hair. Leaves no residue. Perfect for textured hair cuts and styling.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Revitalizing Spray / Hydrating & Glossing Spray is a two phase treatment with precious ingredients which mix together in an evanescent emulsion giving hair moisture, shine, softness and revitalization to roots and ends.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Shine Rose / Glossing Serum.  Ideal for hair protection against heat sources such as blow drying. Leaves hair shiny and easy to comb. Repairs and supplies nutrient to damaged hair. Thanks to its active principles will give great shine before or after shampooing.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Ultimate Gel / 100% Aloe Gel Gel with a pure Aloe base for medium hold. Fine product for hair fixing without using plastic or toxic ingredients. Can be used on wet hair for easier hair fixing or for better results on curly hair.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Sea Salt Spray / Rejuvenating Spray Once applied on hair and scalp will protect from dehydratation and is indicated for the treatment of slightly irritated skin types with seborrhea.

Showing 1 - 12 of 61 items